Our Products

MOKA Portal

Instant Productivity for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Keep a list of your favorite reports
  • Save your report parameters into reusable configurations
  • Consolidate access to multiple report servers in a single view
  • Collaborate on your reports with your co-workers
  • Export your reports to Excel, PDF and send them by email

MOKA Studio

Your Dashboards In Just A Few Clicks

  • Drag and drop elements onto the canvas to create your own indicators and dashboards
  • Manage your personal library of indicators and dashboards
  • Annotate your dashboards and share them with your colleagues

MOKA Touch

Your Reports Anywhere, On Any Device

  • Your Reporting Services reports and MOKA dashboards available to you anywhere, on any device
  • The complete MOKA experience on your mobile devices, including reports history, favorite reports, configurations, annotation and more…

What Can MOKA Do for You Today?

You’re a user

With MOKA, you can:

  • save your report parameters into reusable configurations, so you don’t have to input them again the next time you load the report
  • organize your favorite reports and display your reports history on your home page . No more spending time navigating around the report server
  • display reports on your mobile device without any changes to your existing reports
  • enjoy your lists of parameters, optimized for rendering on mobile devices
  • display reports with your browser of choice (IE9+, Chrome Safari, Firefox)
  • easily filter long lists of parameters (even when there are tens/hundreds) of them
  • collaborate with co-worker by adding annotations to your reports

You’re an administrator

With MOKA, you can:

  • preserve your investment in your existing infrastructure (SQL Server 2008 R2+). No need to upgrade to the latest version of SQL Server to rip the benefits of MOKA (of course if you do, there are added benefits!)
  • consolidate report servers from multiple departments (HR, Sales, Marketing, Logistics…) into the same MOKA Portal
  • manage your own authentication scheme (integrated Windows authentication, user/password, web service authentication..)

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